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Are Sirens Evil?

Aren’t they just Mermaids? What’s the difference between Mermaids and Sirens – aren’t Sirens just an evil kind of mermaid?

Top 10 Vampires From Books, Film and TV

Let’s face it, despite the flack some depictions of vampires have gotten over recent years (looking at you, sparkling-in-the-sun vamps); they are still one of the coolest, most mysterious and best supernatural creatures we love to read about and watch. So today, for your consideration, here’s a spooky, sexy, top 10 list of the best…

Are vampire-human relationships creepy?

Vampire-human relationships aren’t exactly new. But why do they seem to capture our collective imaginations? Sure, vampires are cool and creepy with their super-powers and their fondness for a pint of the red stuff. But what is it about these supernatural creatures that seems to so often translate to sexy and mysterious?

Fantasy Fiction Featuring Strong Female Leads

Fantasy has pretty much always been my favourite kind of fiction, not just because of the amazing magical worlds you can be transported to with every story, but also because it’s in fantasy fiction where you’ll often find some of literature’s most fabulous, bad-ass, and inspirational heroines.

Must read mythology retellings & reimaginings

If you’ve read any of my other blogs, you probably already know that I love mythology. So the recent popularity of classic mythological stories retold for a new era is one I am 100% behind. These are just a few of the best, either my personal favourites or next on my (ever-growing!) to-be-read pile. Ariadne…

The moment I became a writer

“That’s it. I can’t keep on buying you books like this.” I remember my mother telling me this, when I was about 6 years old. For as long as I can remember, as soon as I knew how to read, aaaalll I wanted to do was read. Books were my first friends. My refuge on…

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